Meet the Founders

Jackie Sorkin

aka “The Candy Queen”

Visionary, Co-Founder and CEO

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Jackie Sorkin who had a sweet tooth like no other. Her love for candy was so strong that she dedicated her entire life to creating joy and sweetness wherever she went!

Jackie is the mastermind behind Candified. With 15 years of experience using candy in magical ways, she’s ready to bring all her learnings together to craft unforgettable memories and incredible moments for her customers.

But before Candified, Jackie founded and co-created Candytopia™, a candy wonderland that made all our childhood dreams come true. She was also the Chief Joy Giver and CEO of the Hollywood Candy Girls, where she created mouth-watering treats and events that were a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

Jackie’s candy artistry is known globally, and she’s created everything from pop art portraits to sculptures to immersive experiences – all made from candy! Her joyous and colorful work has been featured in all the coolest publications, including Cosmopolitan, LA Times, Forbes, and People Magazine. And her client list? Oh, it’s just Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry, the Kardashian’s, Justin Bieber, Jessica Simpson, and companies like Disney, FOX, Sephora, and many others who adore her whimsical style and unique creations.

Fans lovingly call her “The Candy Queen,” and we couldn’t agree more! She’s a beloved TV personality who’s hosted shows like Sugar High on Netflix and CANDIFIED on Hulu, where she amazed viewers with the incredible challenge of building a real-life Candy House. She’s also been a guest judge on Sugar Rush and Unique Sweets and has even been featured on daytime TV shows like Access Hollywood.

But that’s not all – Jackie’s also a global ticketed attraction phenom! She’s launched Hollywood Candy Queens Kingdom in Taiwan and traveled across Southeast Asia, delighting millions of guests. Then, she launched The Candy Darling in China, her second experiential Candy Wonderland, which traveled across China, spreading joy and sweetness wherever it went. Her biggest and most successful enterprise to date is Candytopia, which opened to sold-out audiences in Santa Monica, CA, and then expanded to 13 locations across the USA, generating $48M in revenue in its first two years.

Jackie’s infectious personality, vibrant energy, and positive outlook radiate throughout her work and career towards a simple goal: creating outrageous moments of JOY through candy. She’s a Long Beach homie, where She and her engineer husband are raising their two awesome kids and two loving and rambunctious rescue dogs. And she’s not just sweet – she’s purpose-driven at heart and deeply passionate about education and helping youth build confidence through empowerment.

Amy Kavanaugh Mason

aka “Amazing Amy”

 Co-Founder and President

From tech to tacos, and everything in between, she is a global branding executive who’s driven growth and success for big name brands like Apple, Starbucks, Taco Bell/YUM! Brands and Dine Brands.

She’s a force to be reckoned with, leading teams through over 150 product launches, brand campaigns, M&A integrations, and even two IPOs! But what really sets Amy apart is her knack for creating purpose-driven cultures and strategies that boost engagement and brand equity.

Before joining the Candified crew, Amy founded Brand Masonry, where she worked her magic to help businesses achieve their objectives with purpose and precision. She even served as managing director for People’s California, helping revenue up from $19M to $32M in just 18 months, and positioning the company for acquisition for over $60M+ in 2021.

But that is not all! Amy’s impressive resume includes senior roles as Chief Marketing Officer of International and Chief Communications Officer for Dine Brands Global (IHOP and Applebee’s), where she embedded purpose and engagement across all global teams.

And who could forget her time at Taco Bell? As Chief Communications and Engagement Officer, she helped rebuild the brand’s reputation with consumers and franchisees alike, transforming it into a relevant lifestyle brand and social media darling. She even introduced the Doritos Locos Taco, developed the award-winning Taco Bell Newsroom, and led the launch of the Live Mas campaign!

But wait, there’s more! Before her stint at Taco Bell, Amy spent a decade in tech, working with big players like Apple, Microsoft, and HP. She also managed the company’s first Digital Entertainment practice at Edelman, and dedicated her focus on Starbucks for seven years as a Global Relationship Manager. She was a key advisor to Howard Schultz during the company’s Transformation Agenda and helped drive its return to health, profitability, and growth.

Phew! Amy’s also a youth mental health advocate and community giver-backer. She also serves as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Tustin, a member of the DiscoveryCUBE Board of Directors, and is a former member of the National Board of Advisors for the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Oh, and did we mention her favorite candies are Charleston Chews? A native of La Jolla, CA, she lives in Southern California with her husband, two kids, and two high-strung but sweet GSPs!

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Candified Creation Stations

Assumption of Risk, Release of Liability and Waiver

By signing this Sweet Delights and Bites Adventure Consent (this “Consent”), I, on behalf of my kiddo (the “Candified Guest”), am saying ‘YES’ to participate in the outrageously fun and delightful activities (“Creation Stations”) offered by Candified, Inc., a California-based sweet spot (“Candified”). I assure you that I have the power to give this Consent as the Candified Guest’s parent or legal guardian, and I willingly accept all the adventures and surprises that come with Creation Stations and the sampling of the goodies we make.

I’m well aware that the creative activities involve a pinch of risks, such as unexpected slips, accidental nicks, food allergies, and other unforeseen events that might pop up during our Candy Creation journey. By signing this document, I willingly accept all risks tied to our Candified Guest’s involvement in Creation Stations and the tasting of our sweet masterpieces and am sharing any crucial medical information with the friendly folks at Candified including food allergies or diet specifics for our Candified Guest or myself. Please note that Candified isn’t responsible for any tummy upsets or health issues that might occur from sampling any of the edible treats from our Creation Stations.

Candified Creation Stations might not be a perfect match for everyone, like those with food allergies, budding chefs under 18, or individuals with conditions influenced by their diet. We recommend a quick chat with your doctor if you have any food-related concerns. I acknowledge that certain creations crafted by Candified may be more visually captivating than suitable for consumption, and I hereby release Candified from any liability in the event that our esteemed Candified Guest chooses to playfully indulge in such non-edible masterpieces.

In appreciation for allowing our Candified Guest to partake in Creation Stations, I agree to release, indemnify, defend, protect and hold harmless Candified and its Candyologists (members, managers, officers, owners, employees, agents, contractors, representatives, volunteers, interns, insurers) from any and all complaints, demands, or legal actions (including attorney’s fees) connected to Candified or Creation Stations. If any disagreements take a legal turn, we agree to sort things out in arbitration, and any resulting decision shall be final and binding.

We are a very social place! And while we’re making sweet memories, Candified might decide to snap some pics or record our Candy Creation journey. As a little extra sweetness to the Creation Stations experience, I’m okay with Candified capturing and reusing our Candified Guest’s voice, image, and likeness through photos, videos, or any other recording methods. Candified can use these captured moments as they wish, and I confirm that Candified owns the copyright to such content. I also relinquish any claim to royalties or other benefits connected to Candified’s use of such content and release any rights to publicity or privacy tied to it.

This Consent outlines the whole understanding between Candified, its team, and me. It stands strong, not influenced by any promises or declarations made by any of Candified’s crew. Governed by California law, this Consent, which affects the legal rights of our Candified Guest and myself, is being signed by me on behalf of our Candified Guest, and also binds their successors to its terms.