Learning Can Be Sweet: Educational Experiences for Kids in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County, with its abundance of museums, parks, and interactive opportunities, provides a rich environment for kids to explore and learn. From engaging scientific adventures to crafty undertakings that spark the imagination, there are countless activities to make learning exciting. Let’s unveil some of the top educational experiences you can engage your children in, within Los Angeles County, including the delicious lessons awaiting at Candified in Belmont Shore.

Candified: The Sweet Spot of Creativity

Candified is far from your run-of-the-mill candy store. It’s a candy-coated utopia where shopping, creating, and celebrating come together in a unique confectionery experience. The Create@Candified activities engage kids in hands-on candy crafting and artistry.

Each activity provides a fun, engaging, and educational journey. Kids are introduced to the art and science of candy-making while creating unique Candy Sushi/Sashimi Bento Boxes or mouth-watering Candy Cookie Pizzas. They gain insights into color, texture, and design as they produce Candy Art Portraits or get imaginative with the DIY Designs & Jewelry Creations. They can also delve into the fascinating world of STEM while concocting their own unique slimes in Slimetopia! It’s a multi-faceted learning environment that wraps education in layers of fun.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum, located near downtown Los Angeles, provides an abundance of learning opportunities. From dinosaur fossils to butterfly pavilions, your child will be immersed in diverse natural wonders. The hands-on Discovery Centers allow kids to touch real fossils and explore the wonders of nature up close.

Kidspace Children’s Museum

This interactive gem in Pasadena is dedicated to nurturing the potential of all children through kid-driven experiences, inspiring them to become joyful, active learners. Kidspace features more than 40 hands-on exhibits, daily programs, and themed events on 3.5 acres of indoor and outdoor space. They can learn about physics in the Physics Forest or explore the incredible world of insects in the Critter Cavern.

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens

An educational experience that offers something for everyone, The Huntington engages kids in art, history, and nature. The beautiful gardens, including a children’s garden and a desert garden, provide an opportunity to learn about different ecosystems, while the art collections offer visual education and history lessons.

Underwood Family Farms

In Moorpark, kids can learn about agriculture, see how food is grown, and understand more about farm animals. A tractor-drawn wagon ride through the fields and a chance to pick their own fruits and vegetables can be an eye-opening experience for city kids.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Located in Long Beach, the Aquarium of the Pacific gives kids an opportunity to learn about the creatures of the Pacific Ocean. Interactive exhibits, feeding times, and hands-on opportunities to touch marine animals make it an exciting educational outing.

Each of these venues offers something unique for kids, allowing them to learn through hands-on experiences and interactive exhibits. And, of course, an educational outing isn’t complete without a visit to Candified, where learning is as sweet as it gets. From designing candy kabobs to constructing slimy masterpieces, each Create@Candified activity serves up knowledge with a side of fun. Get ready for an unforgettable day of learning in Los Angeles County!

Candified Creation Stations

Assumption of Risk, Release of Liability and Waiver

By signing this Sweet Delights and Bites Adventure Consent (this “Consent”), I, on behalf of my kiddo (the “Candified Guest”), am saying ‘YES’ to participate in the outrageously fun and delightful activities (“Creation Stations”) offered by Candified, Inc., a California-based sweet spot (“Candified”). I assure you that I have the power to give this Consent as the Candified Guest’s parent or legal guardian, and I willingly accept all the adventures and surprises that come with Creation Stations and the sampling of the goodies we make.

I’m well aware that the creative activities involve a pinch of risks, such as unexpected slips, accidental nicks, food allergies, and other unforeseen events that might pop up during our Candy Creation journey. By signing this document, I willingly accept all risks tied to our Candified Guest’s involvement in Creation Stations and the tasting of our sweet masterpieces and am sharing any crucial medical information with the friendly folks at Candified including food allergies or diet specifics for our Candified Guest or myself. Please note that Candified isn’t responsible for any tummy upsets or health issues that might occur from sampling any of the edible treats from our Creation Stations.

Candified Creation Stations might not be a perfect match for everyone, like those with food allergies, budding chefs under 18, or individuals with conditions influenced by their diet. We recommend a quick chat with your doctor if you have any food-related concerns. I acknowledge that certain creations crafted by Candified may be more visually captivating than suitable for consumption, and I hereby release Candified from any liability in the event that our esteemed Candified Guest chooses to playfully indulge in such non-edible masterpieces.

In appreciation for allowing our Candified Guest to partake in Creation Stations, I agree to release, indemnify, defend, protect and hold harmless Candified and its Candyologists (members, managers, officers, owners, employees, agents, contractors, representatives, volunteers, interns, insurers) from any and all complaints, demands, or legal actions (including attorney’s fees) connected to Candified or Creation Stations. If any disagreements take a legal turn, we agree to sort things out in arbitration, and any resulting decision shall be final and binding.

We are a very social place! And while we’re making sweet memories, Candified might decide to snap some pics or record our Candy Creation journey. As a little extra sweetness to the Creation Stations experience, I’m okay with Candified capturing and reusing our Candified Guest’s voice, image, and likeness through photos, videos, or any other recording methods. Candified can use these captured moments as they wish, and I confirm that Candified owns the copyright to such content. I also relinquish any claim to royalties or other benefits connected to Candified’s use of such content and release any rights to publicity or privacy tied to it.

This Consent outlines the whole understanding between Candified, its team, and me. It stands strong, not influenced by any promises or declarations made by any of Candified’s crew. Governed by California law, this Consent, which affects the legal rights of our Candified Guest and myself, is being signed by me on behalf of our Candified Guest, and also binds their successors to its terms.